When designing your dream home, closet design and layout should not be the last item on your list. Whether your eye goes towards a glamorous walk-in or spartan & functional, your closet is more than storage space.

Here are the top closet design requests we hear as new home builders.

Three Must Have Creative Closet Upgrades

1. Specialty Drawers

Closets aren’t only for clothes and shoes. Fully integrated specialty drawers will make your closet a single stop location for all of your dressing and accessorizing needs.

In closet jewelry drawer

The top requested specialty drawer in closets is for jewelry. The addition of custom watch, necklace and ring molds will make you the envy of every Bond fan.

For the man, including cellarets for tie storage is the ultimate upgrade. Simply roll up your ties and place them in their own slot. You will no longer have to dig around for ties or worry about creases when using hangers.

Store your ties in style

Pro Tip: A tie cellaret can also be used to store belts.

2. Washer & Dryer

Lugging around bags of laundry all over your home a thing of the past.  We have been integrating laundry hampers and laundry chutes in closets for years.  BUT why not step it up a notch to a fully integrated washer & dryer inside your walk-in closet. Clothes spend most of their life in closets so why not move your laundry to where it belongs. This closet upgrade is life altering.

In closet laundry, it is possible.

Pro Tip: Include a slide out ironing board to complete the feature.

3. Natural Light

Complete your closet transformation to a dressing room with natural light.

Light up your closet with natural light

While a window catches light at certain times of the day, a skylight will brighten your closet for the whole day. A well placed standing mirror will show you what your ensemble will look like in the real world.

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