Design & Build a Custom Home For Today’s Lifestyle

Are custom designed and built homes better than buying pre-built houses?

In the past two decades, innovative companies have disrupted many norms.

Think about it. In the 90’s cell phones were still a rarity. Self-driving cars were only in the movies. The internet was in its infancy. Blockbuster was in every neighborhood.

Today in 2018, it’s obvious how much the world has changed. That includes how we live in our homes. The question is why should you live in a house built for life in the 90’s?

Garages are not just for parking anymore.

Most 90s homes had small double garages averaging 440 sq ft (some even had single garages or carports). With vehicle sizes getting large, many older homes cannot accommodate parking for your full-size SUV and the excessive stockpiling from stores like Amazon, Costco, and Walmart. Most new custom homes built in 2018 have 2 cars plus flex space or even 3 car garages and boast 550 to 750 sq ft with high ceilings.

Usable vs formal space.

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, my family always had a formal living and dining room. These areas were protected by a force field (named ‘Mom’) that prevented them from being used by anyone besides any guests who may come to visit. Today’s families entertain differently than those from yesteryear; kitchens are now a gathering place with party people spilling over into the attached eating area, great room, and outdoor spaces. Open concept homes not only give you more entertaining area but allow you to better use your square footage on a day to day basis.

High tech and connected.

Modern lives require modern conveniences – voice-activated assistants, smart lighting, video doorbells, and smart thermostats are just a few things today’s home buyers want today. Imagine being able to lock your doors, turn off all the lights, set your thermostat to ‘eco’ mode – all by just telling your home ‘goodbye’. Also with more and more people ‘cable cutting’ – laptops & mobile devices use for entertainment is increasing, reducing the need for the family room to be the center of your home.

Busy and fast-paced lives.

With both partners working and their kids having a busy activity schedule, current home trends dictate designs that have clean lines, easy cleaning, and low maintenance. Convenience foods and home delivery services are minimizing time in the kitchen. The most asked for new home feature is creative storage design using vertical spacing that utilizes space above your head and at your feet. High garage ceilings allow for above head storage, under stair pull out drawers allow you to use what would previously be dead space.

Today’s home buyers know what they want. A modern environmentally friendly house plan designed to help them stay organized. A home that will be comfortable through all stages in life. More importantly, new home buyers are looking for homes that meet all of their needs on day 1 with no additional work required.

The solution is to contact Icon Projects for your new home. Icon’s home design specialists will cover your new home building needs from blueprint to moving day.