Are you building a new home in Abbotsford? Buying a pre-owned house? Or just looking to upgrade your current living space? Paint shouldn’t be an afterthought. If it is, Icon Projects is here to provide you with a few quick To Paint or Not To Paint tips. What kind of paint should you buy? What brand? How much should you spend on paint? Read on for answers to the top paint questions from new home builders in the Fraser Valley.

Home Painting Tips From The Home Building Experts

Benefits of Expensive Paint In Abbotsford Area Homes!

The more expensive paints will have better quality and finer pigment particles. This means with a finer pigment particle, you’ll get more coverage and it will be a more intense color that’s closer to the color on your paint swatch. Another benefit for Abbotsford home builders is if you decide not to use primer or based, the extra money toward a premium quality paint will result in less coats of paint to get the desired result, than a discount brand.

which paint is the best for your project

To Gloss or Not to Gloss

Resin is one of three major components of paint. It helps bind pigment together to provide an overall stain coverage and glossy finish. Premium paints have a higher quality of resin which is helpful to achieve a variety of finishes. Look for a label saying “100 percent acrylic” to ensure you are getting a paint manufactured with good quality resin that is recommended for every new home built in Abbotsford.

Easy Application and Long Lasting

Abbotsford area home builders agree that you get what you paid for. In this case, the extra cost upfront will be worth it. More expensive paints can last twice as long as cheap ones. In addition, they contain a thickening additive help the application to be a lot smoother. They will roll on more slowly, and provide even coated brush or roller stroke look. This will allow you to have a uniform, surface with lesser coats needed to achieve the end result.  

The Painting Tools You Use Make the Finished Product

You may have got the high-quality paint but don’t opt for the dollar store paintbrushes and rollers.  Some paint brands and types recommend specific brushes in different sizes, bristles, and blends that work best. The more “slint-ends”, in the case of paintbrushes, is a “more is better” situation. More bristles mean the paint will distribute more evenly and smoother. Polyester-covered rollers are recommended for the walls. Switch to mohair-covered for areas with a more glossy finish.  

At the very least make sure to get a good paintbrush for edging. Edging is tedious yet crucial to get that straight line around edges and corners. You could always use tape to ensure a straight line but even then make sure you have good materials to get the most control over the paint.

Picking the right paint will make a house your home.

Cheap Vs Expensive Paint Costs Over Time

The Abbotsford area has a wide range of seasons and the paint you chose for your new home should reflect that. Over time paint will fade in rooms with a lot of intense sunlight exposure – even with expensive paints. There are special fade-resistant paints now for rooms with a lot of intense sunlight. At the end of the day the walls will fade, but using cheaper paints will only accelerate the process and more powerfully. Not to mention the cheaper paints tend to wash off of walls when cleaning. This means you’ll be repainting sooner.

The Paint Icon Projects Recommends for all New Homes n Abbotsford is:

As a builder, our business heavily relies on referrals from past customers.  And for that to happen, we want your home to look as good as the day you moved in for years to come.  One way of doing that is making sure the walls, ceilings, and trims look as good as new.  If you are painting your new build or repainting your existing home, insist Benjamin Moore or Behr Marquee

These brands usually run between $45-60 as opposed to discount brands which can run as low as $20 a gallon.  Don’t forget to ask your builder if you can schedule a visit during the painting process to ensure the correct color and brand of the paint you chose is being used. 

So is it worth the extra costs? According to CHBA Abbotsford builders, YES! In the long run it can save you money by not having to repaint in a few years time. If you still have a tight budget, then opt for lighter colors rather than darker ones as they require fewer coats. Purchasing paints with primer already included will save you the cost of buying primer in addition. And lastly, for an even finish and a reasonable amount of coats, you could always opt for an eggshell finish.