What are home builders in Abbotsford saying are the most requested features of homes today? Let’s find out!

We spoke to several top Canadian Home Builders Association members and came up with a list of the most commonly requested features for new custom homes in 2016.

If you’re thinking of building your own home in Abbotsford these are things you must look into! If you’re thinking of relocating to this beautiful little city then these are also things you should consider for your new home:

House Builders in Abbotsford Share The Most Requested Home Features of 2016

1. Spice Kitchen

Also known as a wok kitchen or Fry Kitchen, spice kitchens are gaining popularity amongst home owners in Abbotsford.  Whether or not you cook fragrant ethnic foods, spice kitchens have a lot of benefits.  Your home smells fresher after cooking, your messy kitchen stays hidden away from guests, paired with your main kitchen – it allows for increased cooking capacity during family get togethers, and many more.

2. Built In Safe in Master Closet

This is a very common request to home builders in Abbotsford as well as across the country. Having a built in safe in your master bedroom closet allows you to have an inconspicuous place to keep jewelry, important documents, and other valuable items hidden from site.  Because the safe is installed before the finishing stages, it can be fixed directly to the frame of your home, (secure), and your custom closet can be incorporated around it, (hidden).

3. Steam Shower

A steam shower is a dual purpose bathroom appliance – a normal stand up shower for everyday use and a steam room for days you are exhausted, after a workout, or have aches and pains. Steam showers are great for healthy living, good clean skin, asthma and allergies, they help with your metabolism, detoxifying, and provide clearer airways- just to name some benefits of this feature.

4. Large Home Bar

More often than not, home builders in Abbotsford are frequently asked for spaces great for entertaining.  That coupled with a shift from going out to the pub for a drink to hosting friends and family at home, have resulted in an increased demand for home bars.  Home bars now days are not only stocked with your variety beverages but now days are self contained with their own fridges, microwaves, and dishwashers.  Not to mention it’s really fun to play bartender.

5. Income Rental Suite

Considering recent housing price increases, rental income suites are common in many lower mainland homes. With a local university that has a lot of international students, the demand for rental suites is high so why not have one and help with your mortgage costs at the same time?

6. Creative Storage Areas

Whether you are building a small home or a large estate, storage is a requirement for all homes.  Creative storage areas allows home owners to tuck away items for easy access.  Slide out stairway drawers, hidden window seats, corner shelves, and mudroom cubbies are just a few ways to maximize storage while maintaining esthetics of your home.
There you have it – a top 6 list according to House Builders in Abbotsford; do you have more note worthy features, contact us at 604-728-9466 or info@wemakehomes.com.