Winter is coming! For most Canadians this is nothing new. The real Thanksgiving is around the corner. Then Halloween hits and so will Christmas shopping and snow.

For renters, home-owners and those looking to build their own homes in the Lower Mainland, we have a few easy tips on how to make your city home look and feel like a winter cabin.

How To Make Your Home Feel Like A Cabin

Born and raised in northern British Columbia, the wood stove was a central fixture starting as soon as Thanksgiving. Now picture a plaid blanket, a cup of hot cocoa and the smell of a bonfire and fresh pine. It may sound far fetched for those of you living in Vancouver, but here are a few hacks on how to get a winter cabin feel today.

Faux Fur Rug

Add instant rustic charm by adding a handsome faux-fur rug to your living room. Drop it infront of your fireplace. Add a glass of apple cider and your favorite book and get the full winter cabin feel.

$40.00 and a quick trip to Ikea can get you an apartment sized faux-fur rug today.

Woodsy Candles

We are spoiled living in Vancouver. Every winter we experience the beauty and majesty of the snow peaked mountains. To take this experience to the next level add a few woodsy candles to your home.

Choose from oak, pine and campfire scents. Bonus points if you can find whiskey/wood combo candles. Check your local HomeSense.

Raw Wood Coffee Table

Reclaimed wood furniture may be a hit with the hipsters. But before it was reclaimed, it was raw wood furniture that was the ultimate sign of a craftsman.

Why a raw wood coffee table? First and foremost the range of natural sources are breathtaking. Lumbar yard scrap wood, saved scrap trees from forest fires, driftwood, barnwood, along with reclaimed and upcycled pieces, are included in this creative style. Then you can select from a wide range of finishes. From hand-scraped and distressed to whitewashed and unstained.

For true authenticity find a local artisan to source and custom build your raw wood coffee table.

Small Batch Canadian Rye

Canadian Rye Whiskey has the winter spiciness that warms the soul. Crown Royal Northern Harvest was the top whiskey around the world for 2016. It is perfect to add to coffee, hot cocoa or eggnog.

Content courtesy of Janice – our in-house designer.
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