Choosing your roofing materials is definitely not something you look forward to putting time aside for but it is something that is significant enough to do your research on – it is a decision that requires a large investment and something that you will have to live with for many years to come.

You’ll need to explore your options to see what suits your needs best. Do you want a roof that will last a very long time and are willing to pay a higher price for? Will that roof go well with the rest of your home’s look? The style, budget, and longevity combination varies from person to person and if you read on we can hopefully help you narrow down your prospects.

Picking A Roof For Your New House

Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt shingles, sometimes known as composite shingles, are a popular choice amongst homeowners. They come in a combination or a fiber glass backing or cellulose type and are easy to install yourself.



One of the most economical options

Premium styles are more expensive than the basic 3-tab shingles

The fiberglass-back  asphalt shingles has a Class A fire rating

They degrade over time with weather conditions like sun exposure and the environmental pollutants.

Premium grades have a long life span

Basic shingles compared to premium or harder roofing are prone to hail damage

Many choices in color, style and budgets

Compared to metal or tile, the color variety is minimal

Premium shingles have a longer warranty than the basic ones


Some areas offer asphalt recycling programs


Wood Shingles Roofs

Being a natural material, wood shingles have been around for a while and a visually appealing. However it’s important to keep in mind that they are not fire resistant.



Visually attractive especially on steeper slopes

Not a good choice in you live in a fire prone area because it isn’t fireproof

It’s more environmentally friendly

You do need to maintain and preserve it periodically because they do rot and decay. Requires more maintenance

Cooler color tones compared to other materials

Changes color due to weathering

Metal Shingles/Sheeting Roofs

Metal shingles or sheeting come in a variety of metals like steel, aluminum and copper. For those that don’t like the smooth look, stone coated steal roofing is also available.



Long lasting and durable

May not visually compliment your home or neighborhood

Fire proof and great for snow and ice shedding

Needs corrosion protection. If unprotected it will rust.

Most are made of recyclable material and can be recycled and replaced easily

They spill water faster as they are smooth and flat so gutter need to be sized accordingly

Better cool energy efficient characteristics

If large hail, tree limbs, or debris fall on it, it will probably dent

Tile Roof

You can normally get tiles in concrete or clay, and they are very durable and fireproof. They are heavy though so the roof structure needs to be designed in order to handle the weight. You can also get these to resemble other materials like wood but keep in mind they don’t come cheap.



Long lasting a durable with minimal to no maintenance

Needs professional installation


More expensive than asphalt, or wood installation. Clay is more expensive than concrete

Has a range of styles and mimic other types of shingles, and color options

Heavy, so the decking and structure need to be made to support it

Energy Efficient

More fragile than others so you have to be careful when stepping on them

Good insulation


Slate Roof

Slate is a long lasting, durable, beautiful, real stone roofing option. It can come in multiple shades. However like tiles, it’s heavier and it’s on the higher end of the pricing scale.



Can last indefinitely

Professional and experienced installation

Visually appealing

Needs proper reinforcement to be able to withstand weight of slate


Most expensive type available




Composite roofing is a bit newer and consists of rubber, plastic of a combination of both. It’s a lighter material so you don’t need to worry about it being heavy for the roof structure and it can mimic others like slate and tile without the added price.



Lower cost and maintenance compared to slate and wood

Visually subjective. Some look nice like slate and others look plastic

Lighter weight doesn’t require extra installation compared to slate or concrete

Long term performance is unknown as it is pretty new

Some are made of recyclable materials


Can last a while depending on the materials it’s made of


So now you know more about roofing than a normal person should know, what are you going to go with?  Need assistance picking the roof that is right for you?  Please call Icon Projects at 604-728-9466 or complete the form here for assistance with your new construction project.