Before you build a home in Metro Vancouver, you need to find the perfect lot.

Are you trying to decide if you want to build to build a home in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, or beyond? We have a few tips and suggestions that you should consider before breaking ground. Let’s get started.

Tips On Building A Home In Vancouver

Drive and walk the general area at different times of the day and week.  Depending on your lifestyle, you may want to calculate distances to schools, shopping, the gym, bus stops, highway exits, family member homes etc. 

You should also visit city hall and discuss the OCP (Official City Plan) for the area with the planning department.  Although a fast-growing area offers faster appreciation of housing and greater choice of subdivisions and sites, these areas tend to suffer from growing pains. Infrastructure, schools, and public services can lag population growth.

Once you’ve settled on a subdivision to build a home in Metro Vancouver, you must now decide on what type of lot within that subdivision is best for you. 

Subdivision Entrance:

A lot that is close to the entrance of a subdivision will allow for quicker access to main roads however may have more traffic noise than a lot on a cul-de-sac for example.  These lots are generally better travelled and therefore generally are cleared of snow first.


Cul-de-sacs are safer for families with small children the lots generally only allow for narrow front yards.  If a lot is narrow at the front, a home’s width may require placement farther back on the property. However, if you’re considering a backyard pool, garden shed, or other structure, a wedge-shaped lot might be exactly what you are looking for.

Corner Lot:

When you build a home in Metro Vancouver, consider a corner lot.  Corner lots have higher visibility and (if well designed) higher street appeal.  Although you will have street traffic on two sides, these lots are typically larger, you only have neighbors on a maximum two sides (back and one side), and you are able to design a side-load garage. On the positive side, corner lots allow a side-load garage.   Keep in mind that since two sides of your home are exposed to the street, there is additional landscaping and exterior costs.

Vancouver corner lot


Lots at the end of a T-shaped provide you with some increased accessibility to main roadways with less traffic than lots at the entrance of a subdivision.  However, homes at intersection must contend with oncoming headlights from nighttime traffic. Homes on these lots should be designed to minimize unwanted light in living and sleeping areas. These lots, however, are generally available at a lower price point.

Before submitting an offer (or before removing subjects at the very least), you should have consulted your Vancouver area home builder to confirm that your chosen style of home can be built on that particular piece of land.  Your builder will be able to tell you if your future home fits on the building envelope and is allowed as per city zoning.  The builder will also be able to assess the area for boulders requiring blasting, protected trees, embankments, and easements or covenants registered on the property. 

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