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You want the kind of home that makes cars slow down so everyone can stare. The kind of home that goes viral on Instagram. A one of a kind Pinterest pin.

You shouldn’t just a book by its cover, but you should judge a home by its exterior.

Architectural Design

Designing is more than adding up everything you want and throwing them together. Thoughtful architectural design takes into consideration the placement of every single element while combing form and function.

Form Follows Function

“Form follows function” is an architectural phrase often heard but not well understood. The phrase was coined by architect Louis H. Sullivan in his 1896 essay “The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered.”

The main principle of “form follows function” is that a building’s purpose should be the starting point for its design rather than its aesthetics.

Why are you building this new house? As a generational family home? For your family to grow into? To sell? Is it, in part, for your at-home business? Let the purpose guide your decisions.

For example, if you are an artist, you will need large exterior windows to use natural light when you paint. Every decision you make throughout the construction of your new house should take your home’s purpose into consideration.

Decide on Materials and Texture

There are so many home exterior materials. Brick, stone, timber, cement, siding…how do you choose?

First and foremost pick the materials that reflect your personal style. For example, if you enjoy very rustic styles, go for tumbled stone or exposed timber. On the other hand, sleek steel and simple panels would be the choice for a modern minimalist.

The team at Icon Projects will help you choose materials that are beautiful but will also stand the test of time.

Pick the Best Value, Always

You want the exterior of your new house to be eye-catching because it’s the first thing people see. But that doesn’t mean the most expensive exterior home materials will be your best option.

At Icon Projects, we work with only the best vendors, so we will be able to make recommendations that are not only jaw-dropping but budget-friendly as well.

Choose Exterior Color Combinations and Fixtures

Color plays a huge role in your home’s appeal. From the color of brick you choose, to the color you paint your back patio. Every color must tie together and complement the others. Color can also draw attention to focal points.

Besides choosing the right colors, you’ll also need to choose the right fixtures. These include lighting fixtures and hardware fixtures, such as doorknobs. The color and style of the fixtures you choose must fit with your overall design vision. Don’t use modern fixtures if you’re designing a country home!

Lighting fixtures are especially important because they ensure your home is safe at night, while also enhancing nighttime appeal. You can place lighting all around the outside of your home, even using it to illuminate a garden.

Assess The Personality Of Your Home

The neighborhood and geographic location of your home should guide your exterior design choices as well. Building a gothic-style house on Eagle Mountain doesn’t fit the area. Take inspiration from the backdrop of your lot. Set the scene and accentuate the natural beauty of your neighborhood.

Don’t Forget The Landscaping

A lawn and tree are not landscaping. Do you want local plants, flowers, a garden, a veranda, or a gazebo?

Designing the exterior of your home is sometimes filled with complex decisions and choices. Don’t worry — the team at Icon Projects will help guide you step-by-step through every decision. We know that it’s important for you to have a home that’s beautiful from every possible angle. We’re excited to help bring your dream home to life!